Heraklion walking food tour

    Half a day food walk and taste in Heraklion walking the streets of the city and meet nutritional wanderings elevating the palate to heaven!!

    Heraklion has a unique Foodie culture and an irreverent charm; our 3- hour walking food tour allows you to experience local epicurean vibes by tasting delicious food and discovering culture and entertainment.

    This, 3-hour tour combines fascinating culture and history, ancient architecture and delicious tasting along with the stories that inspired them. Our food and cultural walking tour is suitable for ages -1.5 Mile Walk.

    Book your tour at the beginning of your stay so you will be informed of all the best eateries and hot-spots of the city.

    Join this walk to sample the fantastic array of multicultural dining that Crete has to offer. We will take you to several unique Ouzo and Raki places, Pastry, Cheese and coffee shops to try a variety of delicious foods while learning about their cultural background.

    It’s a challenge to unearth the most authentic local cuisine.

    Explore unique tastes on this walking and tasting tour of Heraklion. Join the real daily lifestyle the people of Heraklion live.

    Take a leisurely stroll through the heart of Heraklion city.
    Taste a variety of delicious food and cookies, cheeses and other goods from local food places, restaurants and little family run shops.
    Learn the unique history and culture of this historical town.

    All food and tasting are included in price.



    Sample delicious bites of meats and cheese

    Experience real Greek street food pita gyros and souvlaki

    Experience the mouth watering “loukoumades" the local honey puffs

    Try the unique bougatsa from a local pastry shop

    Try a unique Galatoboureko and baklava from a local pastry shop

    Visit a local family run cheese shop to enjoy cheese with a shut of raki and taste unique small production special matured Cretan cheeses

    See Heraklion ruins, the cathedral of the city Saint Minas, and then the Morozini fountain at the heart of the city, the Venetian church of Saint Marcus / now gallery, the church of Saint Titus.


    We start from the heart of the city and come to the PLATIA KORNAROU where first visit a small family run shop selling small quantities but high quality cheeses and taste few of them with a shut of Raki. Next break just opposite to drink a cup of Greek coffee the traditional way cooked in hot sand. Keep walking the central market and stop for an OUZO (anise) with MEZE (small bites accompanies the spirit) at one of the traditional Mezedopolion of the street. We will be part of the local noisy people walking / talking / arguing. Visit the cathedral of the city Saint Minas, and then the Morozini fountain at the heart of the city, the Venetian church of Saint Marcus / now gallery, the church of Saint Titus.Then we walk down direction the sea side of the city where we go for a light Cretan style slow food lunch with a variety of dishes accompanied with cold white wine or retsina. We end our walk after lunch visiting and taste the famous “loukoumades” (Cretan style doughnuts sprinkled with honey and sesame) Lastly a visit to the best small pastry shop in the city. Gloria: Artistic feeling + imagination + pure fresh ingredients = fascinating the palate in taste and quality elevating your senses to heaven: We taste the: Galatoboureko: custard cream and filo pastry in syrup and: trigono:: cheese cream and filo pastry in syrup. Incredible taste never have taste anything like that!!




    Iraklion (GR: Ηράκλειον - also transliterated as Heraklion or Herakleion) is the largest urban centre in Crete, the capital of the region and the economic centre of the island. The first European civilisation, the Minoan civilisation, flourished on this land 5000 years ago. Currently the population of the municipality of Heraklion is approximately 150.000 people. It is a very dynamic and cosmopolitan town, particularly during the summer period when thousands of visitors can be seen shopping in the market or visiting the museums and other places of interest. During the last 20 years the city has made also a remarkable progress in the academic and technological fields.


    Τσικουδιά (Tsikoudiá)
    The Cretan 'fire-water'

    Perhaps better known as 'Raki' which is the name used elsewhere in Greece, this spirit is the clear strong drink most people become acquainted with during their visit to Crete as it is usually offered as a welcome drink when you do a visit to a house, or after dinner in the restaurants and taverns.

    Greek coffee (“Ellinikos kafes”)

    Greek coffee is a demitasse cup of coffee. Powder ground coffee cooks in special pot. You serve it in “half cups”. It’s a strong unfiltered caffeine beverage. You make it in a special pot known as “briki”. This utensil helps in creating foam on top (called “kaimaki”). Greek ground coffee manufacturers use light roasted beans for this type of coffee. That’s why the final product has a light brown appearance. Have in mind that Greeks don’t use spices in their coffee (cardamom, cinnamon, cloves etc.).

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